Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Placing David in the chastity device

Tuesday May 31

When I first told my best friend what I did with my son David, she was shocked. “My goodness Mary, did you touch it??” she asked in terror.

Yes, I understand just how shocking it is. Doing something with such strong sexual implications with my son will be seen as taboo by just about everyone, and abusive by at least the male portion of the population. However, when you think about it, it is neither.

In answer to my friend’s question, no, I did not touch it. Nor do I have any intentions of touching it. In answer to those who consider this taboo or abusive, I offer the following: Children are regularly spanked in many households and cultures. Or confined to a corner, or confined to their room, or verbally abused and ridiculed regularly. None of these activities would be considered healthy.

I know there will many who argue that masturbation is a perfectly normal and healthy activity. I agree whole heartedly. I would point out that a slice of pizza is a perfectly suitable lunch or a glass of wine with a friend is a perfectly enjoyable drink. However, when we abuse these ‘habits’ and allow them to control our behavior, it becomes self destructive. Masturbation is a great and safe source of sexual exploration. It allows us to learn about and enjoy our bodies. However, when it is used as David was using it; to lock ourselves away, objectify the opposite sex (or same sex if that is your thing), to steel our drive and energy, far too frequently; then it becomes a hazard. When you start replacing normal interactions with your own created fantasies, then it becomes a hazard. When you allow it to have a physical and mental price that causes you harm, then it becomes a hazard. That is exactly what David was doing. And it was hurting him. And it was hurting me and it was hurting his sister. Is what I am doing extreme? Yes. But it is going to help him.

“How did you put it on” she asked next. Actually, it was easier than I thought it would be. When David finished opening his ‘normal’ birthday presents, I told him I had one more special gift. I asked Rachael to give us some privacy. At 12, I feel she is old enough to understand this but for David’s sake, I’d rather she not know what I am doing just yet.

I handed David the box. It was a brown cardboard box the internet company shipped it in. He opened it with the same lack of interest or excitement he had toward his other gifts. When he first saw it, he visibly was taken back. “What is this?” he asked.

“It is a chastity device.” It was a clear tube, with a slit at the bottom and a ring at the top which will lock around his scrotum. There was a small stainless steel padlock that locks the ring in place.


“It will prevent you from masturbating David. I have talked to you about this. You have not listened and now you are going to wear this. It is perfectly safe, but perfectly secure. You can still urinate normally (it has a hold at the bottom) so long as you sit. It locks on and I’ll hold the key.”

“I’m not wearing this!” His typical defiance.

“Yes you are. We have talked about your problem and I am tired of talking. You need help and this will help you. You will put it on, and keep it on, until I say.”

He just held it and looked at me with total contempt. He placed the item on the table. It clearly made him uncomfortable. “I know this will be a big adjustment David, but it will help. I promise. Now let’s go put it on.”

I stood and took his arm. My son is both bigger and stronger than I am. However, I workout regularly and have taken grappling and jujitsu training and was prepared to forcibly make him put it on. I did not want to do that but would if he resisted. This is how desperate I’d become.

He looked into my eyes and I think he realized this as well. I gently took his wrist and was prepared to put an arm lock on him. I gave only slight pressure and he quickly obeyed and I followed him down the hall. “No go inside, put it on, and let me know when you are ready and I’ll put the lock on.” I held his arm firmly now when I said this, not giving him any option but to comply. He went inside and I waited what felt like an eternity but was less than 5 minutes when he announced he was ready. I went in, and quickly placed the locking mechanism on the ring and asked him to pull up his pants.

When he was fully dressed, I showed him the key. I explained that I will hold it at all times. I told him I would consider letting him out Friday evening (it was Monday morning). I explained that any attempt to take the key without my permission would mean he stays locked in for a minimum of two weeks. I told him that he is not allowed to ask for the device to be removed in any way or it would remain in place for at least two weeks. When he is released, he would be allowed privacy for 4 hours, but then it would go back on after that time.


He’s worn it for nearly two days and I have noticed subtle changes already. The most significant is he listens. I asked him to clear the breakfast dishes this morning and he looked right at me and said OK. He was even polite to his sister when she asked him to move his books so she could sit down. These may sound like small things, but they are so important I feel.


  1. As this is an older post, is he still wearing it for you?

  2. This IS abuse, and if you can't see that, then you should have been forcibly fixed by the government so that you would not have been able to have any children to cause major psychological harm to. NOBODY should have the right to control anyone else in this manner! This is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine if your mother had stapled your eyelids shut or cut out your vocal cords because you weren't "obedient"? I hope that when he becomes an adult that he disowns you - not only for his sake but for your own mental health as well. You've got some screws loose.

    1. Yes this IS abuse, and also an violation of human rights!

  3. Shocking isn't even the right word for it. I think it's abusive and I'm NOT a male. It's just cruel. Just because it's NOT spanking, being disciplined in the corner, verbal or emotional abuse, or any kind of type of neglect does NOT make it okay. You're just trying to rationalize. Seeing how you know this is going to be a problem with the readers of your blog, you're trying hard to justify it.

    How often does one have to masturbate for it to be considered "unhealthy"? Because we all as humans have different drives, and I can't say that I didn't lock myself away, considering how nosy other family members are. For me it didn't steal my energy, as I didn't waste a lot of time eating processed food shit that makes you feel drained and lazy. How exactly is it hurting you and hurting his sister? EXPLAIN.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I'm so disgusted, that I'm urping in my throat. I can't imagine the shame of being placed in such a restrictive device at age 12. Are we in the middle ages? How is that hygienic (I'm not just talking the hole at the bottom, I'm talking in general, with showering)? What if he grows too much and it gives him health problems as a result of constricting blood flow? Try explaining that to a doctor. And too, when that part of the body doesn't get much use, it's actually unhealthy for the prostate as well. And I'll be honest, had that been me, I would've hiked out to dad's machine garage and probably sent myself to the ER hacking that thing off with a hand saw (considering I learned how to use power tools before I learned to put on makeup, why should this be surprising?).

    Honestly, I don't really understand the basis and need of sexual shaming that goes on in religion other than it is a way to control people against their will. And I say this as someone who was raised very religiously/conservative. What is so "inherently" evil about masturbation? I don't get it. But then "again", I've been doing the deed since I started touching myself at age 4 (you read that right, 4, NOT 14 but 4-- I didn't know about sex, wasn't thinking about boys, just did it because I discovered that it felt good). What do I "know" though. If God didn't want me whacking, he wouldn't have given me a clitoris that I felt awesome sensation in even that young. And then when I was a teen, the church kept on (unaware that I had been doing it years and years prior) indoctrinating in us about how sex is evil, and masturbation is way evil too, and that we are dirty as humans for desiring anything close to that realm. For the longest time, because of that, I had a hangup with my sexuality, tried denying every ounce of my sexual being unsuccessfully, pretty much I disowned my changing female body in favor of an unsexual maleish childish body and plunged into anorexia (also didn't help that I had a control-freak mother who was nosy as all hell).

  4. I now refuse to believe that I was an evil, disgusting human being at 4. AT 4!! I was just a child who is inherently curious by nature. When you have all curiosity quashed, you don't even feel human. You just feel like an empty void. And in the end you just desire sexual things like masturbation, and the like that much more. Basically, when people go to one extreme against their will, they are more likely to bounce to the other extreme. Congratulations. So basically you're turning your son into a sexual deviant. Kinda like how my parents were mind-blowingly conservative, and how my 3 sisters and I are all now free-spirited flaming liberals now that we're grown.

    Only reason he's more than likely listening now is because he's suppressing how he truly feels from being oppressed and is scared of what nonsense you might dream up to pull on him next as a result of this. I highly doubt he will forgive you for this either.

    OK, I noticed another thing too. In a post dated 2011, David is 12. But in a post from this year (2012), he's 17? How the f*ck did he grow 5 years within one year?

  5. You're screwed up in the head, lady

  6. NO,NO, NO. That is horrible you do know that a guy has to get naturally hard every 90 minutes naturally to keep his penis alive. If you keep that thing on him for more than a couple months, permanent damage will be done. My friend wore one from 5th to freshman in high school and it shrunk his penis from 4 inches soft (I accidentally saw it back in grade school at the yernal), to 2 inches soft and unable to get hard due to severe nerve tissue death from lack of blood flow to his penis. This is sick, and when he told me I almost cried for him, there was nothing the doctor could do. After these scientifically proven results I can't BELIEVE this Isn't Illegal yet. Freakin sick man. Why should you get to ruin his life just because he wants to masturbate which is NATURAL dem Jews I swear so fucked up.

  7. Just for your information I masturbated ONCE A DAY, when I was his age. Yea I'm not afraid to admit it and guess what my penis is very healthy 7 inches and I have never had any trouble from over-masturbation. No such thing, I actually felt more energized and willing to get stuff done when I could release my stress, without that, I would have went insane. Now I'm 19 years old and I only masturbate once or twice a week at most. I have a nice job and a nice girlfriend. So I hope you know you are not helping him in the least. Boys naturally learn to control how often they masturbate and it gets easier after our hormones aren't screaming, FUCK EVERYTHING THAT MOVES.

  8. I think that it is ok and it works too. Chasity belts are good on boys who like to masturbate too much.